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Poverty is complex, the solutions don’t have to be

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We invite you to join us as we test a bold new way of lifting two neighbourhoods in Edinburgh and Newcastle out of poverty.

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Lifting Neighbourhoods Together is now underway in Bingham, Magdalene and The Hays (Edinburgh) and Walker (Newcastle).

Lifting Neighbourhoods Together is about rehumanising and changing the system so it wraps around the needs of the individual or family.

It is about removing the confines that stifle passionate and experienced professionals from fully supporting their clients

It is about really listening to people and being part of a culture that gives people the space to provide the comprehensive and ongoing support people need to thrive.

We are putting into practice methods which Community Renewal Trust has tried and tested over 20 years. They aim to facilitate easier and more effective ways of working more holistically.

Engaging, listening and collaborating are all essential parts of this project. If you are interested in joining us as a time donor, or are a community group or organisation who want to be part of the journey, or if you want to share our learning, then please do get in touch or join our e-newsletter

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A rich tapestry of different partners

Lifting Neighbourhoods Together is a collaborative project. featuring equal participation from residents, community groups, service providers, third sector organisations and funders.

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Community Renewal - 20 Years of Transformation

Read in detail about the four cycles of learning which led to Community Renewal: Lifting Neighbourhoods Together in our publication, 20 Years of Transformation – Towards a Scotland without Poverty

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