Local Newcastle Residents


We are listening... to everyone

What do you want for your family, yourself and your neighbourhood?

What does an ideal future look like and what is standing the way of achieving it?

Community Renewal: Lifting Neighbourhoods is now underway in Walker and we are asking YOU these questions.

If the answers involve change – then you will be at the heart of it.

We are also bringing all the local support services, organisations and institutions together, so it is much easier for you to get any support or advice you need.

No one knows everything about everything, but between us – your local neighbourhood team is very close! And we are ready and waiting with all that knowledge to give you the support you need.

The team has knowledge and experience in a range of areas (see below).

Perhaps you would like some support with a few of these, but don’t worry we will coordinate that for you so you don’t have to tell your story again and again. You can come and see us, or we can come to you.

If we haven’t already, we will be knocking on your door to have a chat, but feel free to pop along to our hub at Building Futures East  or request a visit from one of our team

What can we help you with

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Please book an appointment and we can come to you or you can come and see us at Building Futures East, Low Yard, White St, Walker, NE6 3PJ

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